Mar 5, 2013

[Our Travel Journal] Travel Photography Tips

National Yehliu Geo Park
We were greatly honored to travel with a winner of a photography competition as our guest!

During his second time visit, Gary, who is an American professor from Ohio, and was introduced by Craig, a friend of ours, altogether made an extra 5-day in depth trip in Taiwan before Gary attended an academic conference just to capture the beauty of Taiwan by photographing. 

Gary's request for the entire customized trip was simple. Being very much impressed by a unique diversified ecological environment and geological scenery, he asked for suggestions about places where travelers can find diverse fun out in natural or cultural landscape.

No more than an hour drive from Taipei, we brought him to a best-known attraction --- Yehliu Geo Park. And just a few kilometers from the park, Gary and us spent quite a bit of time to deal with the constant rain while we reached the stone trench at Laomei Coast.

The photo that won the prize was taken here by Craig.

During the 4-day customized trip, we also visited Jiufen, Keelung and Yilan. One day we got up very early to capture a sunrise scene for Craig's photo collection. 

Keeling fishing harbor
Besides visiting the coastline, we've also gone up hills to our best-loved attractions, Jiufen, a hilly town filled with old time memories. In the picture it was Gary and Craig who tried to capture how life of miners functioned in the former time in Taiwan.

Jiufen, not just a town that is located at a unique geological location but also a town that was once prosperously developed  because of gold rush. 

While we were in Taipei, we've taken them to Guandu Nature Park. Gary and Craig never stopped shooting. 

It was quite an experience to receive guests like Gary and Craig. Through the lens of their camera we've also learned to see these already-well-known sites in a different way.

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