Jun 26, 2013

A Worthwhile Trip?

Just last week, a team of Topology Travel went on a field trip to Nantou, where Sun Moon Lake is located, and where a huge number of tourists would aim to leave their footprints. Yet we put mostly all our effort in this trip to make the "touristic area" extraordinary, with a little of our creativity and curiosity.


Maintaining the quality of the most ordered package tour, we set our foot on a 5-day journey to closely re-examine and document the whole itinerary and travel route in central Taiwan, including Nantou's Sun Moon Lake, Puli, Jhushan and  Qingjing Farm (南投日月潭、埔里、竹山、清境農場), right before the high tourism season begins.

Having an Off-Trail Experience - Although Sun Moon Lake and Qingjing Farm are the two most visited touristic attractions, during this field trip we aim to search for some hidden or "unusual" spot for visitors from abroad. We believe that while witnessing the charm of the known places, those only known to the locals should also be included during the trip.

A cafe located in the mountains overlooking tea plantation and valleys faraway. (Jhushan)

A walking trail mostly for "the herd" near Qingjing Farm, known to few tourists.

Sunset Platform- overlooking Nantou City with mountains surrounded from afar. Local people's best afternoon stopover. 

Searching for Stories - To offer an extraordinary trips, we have constantly asked ourselves: what does a trip mean to our guests? And what could they get from it besides just relaxing and having some intimate time with their travel partners? Therefore, during this field trip we grabbed any coming opportunities to talk to the local people, restaurants and special hostel owners, or even random vendors, too.

We genuinely hope that by creating a chance for our guests to contact the local people, our guests could definitely learn more about Taiwan and its people, and of course many many chance to taste the most authentic Taiwanese food!

Talk to a professional blacksmith and  learn how the local industry is connected to people's life. 

A lovely restaurant owner talks about her self-made roasted chicken and how she runs the restaurant.

Only known to the local, the sticky riceball is the local's favorite snack. The  owner is very much hospital too!

Having an interview with a hostel owner at their own-built cafe and bakery. 

Details recording and documenting - We do a lot of documenting and recording during the trip, like the driving time, numbers of attractions we're planning to arrange for our guests, food options, accommodation, etc. We will make up videos for guests who are planning to travel to Taiwan. We're hoping to help the viewers imagine   about their coming trips! (Check Topology Travel's Youtube channel!)

Also we believe doing a complete research and field tip, we can allow our guests the most flexibility during the trip and make sure they receive the lastest updates about where they are going. Additionally, guests could choose to stay at certain places longer or shorter yet not influencing the trip. The schedule will be under a fairly nice management and the guests could enjoy their time to the most.

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