Jul 1, 2013

Non-touristic Qingjing Farm

Qingjing Veteran Farm is a well-known tourist spot for the locals and travelers. It’s one of the greatest summer getaways for all visitors because it’s so much cooler staying in the mountain valleys than in the cities!

However, we always think there should be something more here, waiting to be explored...

A highlight of Qingjing Veteran Farm--- friendly herds. Visitors love to take picture with sheep

Besides sheep, visitors love to walk along the pathway at Qingjing Veteran Farm

Topology Travel Team is always “greedy”. We are not satisfied to see our guests visiting only typical tourist spots, but somewhere hidden and known to few people Just like what Daniel, our beloved tour guide, said excitingly to us all the time, “an excellent tour guide should always have a list of hidden non-touristic spots that could surprise the guests”

That’s our philosophy and our guests deserve so much more than ordinary travel experience. We tend to try to find these places when we pay an actual visit and when we organize a package. It can be challenging however a thing we could do before our guests have our service.

The 'Secret Hidden place' is just located not far from Qingjing Veteran Farm. It was a walking trail stretching from main road to a narrow pathway. Zero tourists.
A herd of sheep was on top of the grass peacefully, without  any interruption from visitor.

The walking trail is peaceful and quiet, compare to Qingjing Veteran Farm itself, which is full of tourists and their hubbub. We heard the breeze, the bird sings and insert chirping sounds so well with little disturbance. Last but not least, a herd of sheep was on top of the hill, eating grass peacefully, and it’s like we are at some sheep farm in New Zealand.

“This is the true beauty of Qingjing Farm, not the crowds” said Daniel.
We are amazed that how he could find this place, as he is from Taipei, not from Qingjing? He must have done a lot of research before he came.
And yes, he then answered “what I need to do is just do plenty of researches and try to talk to local people as much as possible, because local people are the best guides ever!’

We totally agree with it!

Our past experience at Qingjing Veteran Farm, the sheep is moving to other place hence all the car and sheep stuck in jam together!!!

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  1. I’m glad and want to also appreciate the author of this blog who write about this beautiful place. It’s true that there is cool weather even in summer, but do bring umbrella & apply sunscreen during outdoor. I went there before orlando bus tours. My teenage nephews and niece had fun feeding the lama, sheep & horses at the green grassland, as well as enjoyed feeding the ducks and fish at the pond of Swiss garden.