Jul 23, 2013

[Our Tours] A Hands-on Experience in Puli Town

A large part of Topology Travel's guests very often travel as a family. We've long been trying to organize a trip that includes some events that suit a family with young kids, beside just sight-seeing. We believe that people tend to gain a deep impression from taking part in "hands-on" experience while traveling.  Take the package tours we offer in the central Taiwan as example:

Traditional hand made paper factory at Puli. Beside factory, there is an exhibition center that display the history of invention of paper.

There are some hands on activities which are suitable for family, young children and even adults at the traditional hand-made paper factory. Our guests who visited here tend to give high review after they tried to make their own paper craft.

The factory's guide is demonstrating before our guests start doing the art craft. 

Both the father and the son are doing a paper fan together.

Everyone have own DIY paper fan with unique printing on top! Besides gain the fan, the bonding of  parent-child get even closer.

Beside paper crafting, the factory also offers another hands-on activity-painting edible paper!The edible paper is made by fruit or vegetable fibre. 

Mission in action. Draw on eatable paper with sticky glucose and Chinese brush
It's not a good-looking piece of art so we ate it afterwards!

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