Jul 25, 2013

[Our Value] Our Ideal Partnership in Tourism Industry

"Treating guests as friends." When we hear this promising idea, our eyes shine bright.

This is exactly one of the initial ideas that we have hold on tight when we provide our service, and when we are searching for like-minded partners such as hostels, restaurants, tour guides, travel service providers or trustworthy cooperators. We are determined to offer an extraordinary experience when the guests are using the service.

The clip shows how our beloved hostel's owner think about how about "treating guests as friends"

Topology Travel managed to have an interview with our beloved hostel owners in Nantou. During the conversation, the way we "treat guests as friends" has been discussed over and over again, like how to increase the sense of security before we meet them, how to create a trustworthy environment for them. A good way to achieve this is to keep a close contact with the guests before the trip and make sure everything is well-organized.

When we first visited Mr. and Mrs.Qiu's hostel 石上清泉, we immediately feel a home away from home experience. All guards were let down because of their hospitality and friendliness.

Mrs.Qiu washing dishes and chatting at SSQQ's kitchen/cafe (石上清泉), making us feeling like home.

 "We are wishing to run a long-term relationship with our guests instead of just a day or two of short encounter."  There's even a group of guests that has visited 石上清泉 literally eighty times since Mr. and Mrs. Qiu first hosted them, which in fact makes up a best example that we hope to see a genuine relationship is being built up. 

We devote ourselves to create an overall travel experience that makes the visitors feel like home, especially when they are having a small group travel. It not only helps to create a more intimate connection between the guests and the hosts but also the relationship within the group of travelers during their trip. 

An outdoor cafe that is open for guests who usually stay here for a coffee or breakfast. 
The cafe is just facing a view of mountains.

Private space offering is also an important element while our guests are using our service. Tour guides can keep their company while traveling, yet it is much better to leave the guests undisturbed sometimes when they are having their own family or friend time. 

Topology Travel Team and the owners of 石上清泉 - Hopefully we will become that 80-times guest one day!

Slowing the pace down is most of all travelers are wishing to practice while having a trip. Topology Travel also hopes to offer tours that can accommodate such needs. If our guests mention about not feeling like to rush from attractions to attractions when we organize a trip for them, we tend to make the travel plan flexible and take them to countryside for a day or two. 

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