Jul 16, 2013

[Our Team] Front-line Hospitality - Tour Guides of Topology Travel

"A good travel partner is hard to find." But once you find one, the whole trip would be worth it.

The same thing goes with the tour guides when people are looking for a package trip or a guided tour. Topology's philosophy is simple, our guests always our first priority. We stand in guests' show and take care of their need. That's our idea to offer customized trip and things should be as accommodating as possible.

Our tour guides are often in red

A short clip that explains how we hunt for like-minded tour guides

Our guide being invited by the guests to eat together

A good tour guide must be spontaneous. They need to think fast and have creative ideas to deal with any forms of changes during the trip. It is common that guests would like the travel plan modified. For example, they may wish to stay longer to capture the sunset. And our tour guides must be able to make immediately rearrangement and provide convincing advice.
A good tour guide need to be extraordinarily observant. Different guests have different needs and preferences, which we may not know from the e-mails and phone calls. Hence we expect our tour guides to be observant and sensitive and take care of guests needs. For instance, double check whether the guests are feeling alright with the trip arrangement, travel pace or time-control while travelling.

Physical strength. Our tour guides are expected to travel with our guests for a couple of days in a row. Physical strength is essential because our tour guides will need to keep the guests company if they wish to have a guide travel by their side full-time. When our guests are resting and taking a nap in the private van, tour guides need to stay up and concentrate on driving, if there's no drivers.

Good driving skill. Our tour guides are asked to have good driving skill too. In case the guests feel carsick during the car ride, tour guides are expected to drive carefully, especially when the roadways are twisty and bumpy.

Customers' background research and itinerary study. Before meeting the guests, our tour guides need to be clear about the whole itinerary that agreed by both guest and Topology Travel. They need to know the basic information of the guests. For example, whether our guests are allergic to specific food, whether they are traveling with young kids and the elderly, interests of guests, travel group formation, food preference and so on.

People-oriented. Since most of our guests are foreigners and it may be their first time visiting Taiwan. Our tour guides could be the first person out guests meet during their trip. Having a well-developed personality is crucial, so all of them are hospitable, responsive and caring.We try to reduce the sense of unfamiliarity and treat our guests as friends and hopefully they can feel a home-away-from-home feelings as they arrive in Taiwan.

Hidden attractions & unexpected touching moment & life-long memory. As we have mentioned, our tour guides need to be spontaneous. Moreover, offering an off-trail travel experience and surprising our guests with some hidden spots are also what we aim for. We believe memories are meant to be created. So our tour guides often have their own brilliant ideas about where to go in addition to only taking our guests to already-known attraction.

Other than the basic criterion that we had mentioned earlier. The next step is to 'Travel Real in Taiwan'. Every time when we are traveling with guests, new ideas might come across because every group of guests are unique. We're happy to see our service becoming more and more accommodating and flexible.


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  1. These are the awesome points that you have described about a good tourist guide. I’m also a tourist guide and I have adopted this profession because I love traveling and I thought to join this profession and in this way I can see the world’s different destinations and also guide other travelers too. Your blog is awesome for all guides training. I’m going to bus tours from boston to washington dc with one of my clients and I’ll must follow these instructions.