Jul 31, 2013

[Our Tours] Non-touristic Sight-seeing - Puli Town

Known to be a lotus-shaped landscape, Puli Town at central Taiwan has attracted many slow-living enthusiasts, retirees and of course, the city dwellers who would like to escape the bustle and hustles. The entire town is surrounded by spectacular mountains and situated on an abundant plain, where the top quality water resource cultivates the best living environment in Taiwan.

The town is all surrounded by layers and layers of mountains, allowing people in Puli to enjoy the best weather all year round.

Because Hu-Er Mountain 虎耳山 is located quite close to the other attractions in Puli, we tend to bring our guests here at a sunset platform before dinner time. If our guests' travel purpose is to slow down their pace and wish to have a relaxing time, this sight is our first choice. It might not be famous for tourists. However, the visitors would find it special because they could take a glimpse of the local's way of life here

A group of local people was well equipped and they were getting ready to capture sunset moment on Hu-Er Mountain 虎耳山, a non-touristic sight where no visitors know if they come without a local guide. 

"Local residence (the center of Taiwan) usually came with their family here. Some come here for jogging, cycling and many enjoying the sunset view and photographing." One of the locals told us when we met during one of our field trips.

The sunset platform was covered with lush greens.
Imagine mountains like these surrounding the city in all directions

If you want to feel the silence of Puli town, take a look at our tour.

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  1. It’s true that it’s really beautiful city of Taiwan. This town is located between the mountains. I had visited there before toronto to new york bus tours. in that tour I also visited to Hunter Mountain. I liked everything I saw over there. I also heard it would be fantastic in autumn as all leaves would change colors. Love to see these.