Jul 26, 2013

[Our Tours] Taiwan's Most Unique Travel Destinations - Bouncing Land in Nantou

Have you heard of any lands that can actually DANCE?

During an actual visit in Nantou, where the world-known Sun Moon Lake is located, we're very much honored to introduce one of the most world unique travel destinations-Toushur living basin 南投頭社活盆地- to visitors who visit central Taiwan. Beside Giethoorn in Amsterdam 荷蘭羊角村, the living basin is one of the rarest geological landscapes you could witness on earth.

 The 'dancing land'  looks just like normal paddy field. What's so special?
This is what we do in the central Taiwan. Don't miss out these places if you're visiting here!

Yet when we step on it, one's grabbing other's arm, one's shouting, one's dancing... What a team!

The 'dancing land' is also named as 'floating land', which given by local. The reason is, the huge area of land is 'bouncy' due to soil texture. the soil tends to absorbs water to underground and form a bouncy surface. Hence the 'dancing land' just like a huge giant bed...

Even our tour guide, Daniel, enjoyed with 'bouncing land' too, although he fell in the water accidentally.  

Beside going to Sun Moon Lake, like one of our extended package trip to central Taiwan, we tend to bring our guests to somewhere off-trail. Especially when it comes to visiting the well-known tourist spots, some visitors may become uninterested. We understand, to most of the people, the fact that the most beautiful thing isn’t just admiring good views or splendid architectures, but to encounter something unexpected. The least thing we try to do is to make the travel organizing as flexible as possible by closely communicating with our guests before their trip happen, so that we could slightly, or, convincingly get an idea about what type of trip they wish to order.

If you would like to experience the Bouncing Land, join our tour NOW!


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