Feb 21, 2013

[Alternative] Besides Sun Moon Lake - Jhushan

If you ask Taiwanese people “What is the first tourist attraction that comes to your mind when you hear Nantou 南投?” 

Nine out of ten would toss their answer “Sun Moon Lake”. And the last one would probably murmur with a rather rare answer --- Jhushan 竹山. 

Sunrise with cloud sea (Photo by Unlimited Sky)

Feb 20, 2013

[InnerCity] Walkabout Tour in Sansia

God, I’m all wet!”

“Of course you are all wet.  It's been raining like crazy!"

Before I became one of the staff in Topology Travel,  there it was my first Walkabout Tour experience, hanging out with other like-minded WALKERS in Sansia. A brilliant idea that I once saw while I was traveling in Europe. The tour is meant to make its visitors travel mostly by foot to produce zero negative effect on the environment. By doing so visitors would get an authentic experience with the local community, and would never travel only as a tourist. What a philosophy!

There we went anyways regardless of the rain!
It was quite a trip. People are so nice and the guide, Jun, obviously has done so much homework about Sansia. The flow was nice and I felt completely comfortable under his guidance.