Jan 28, 2015

[Our Tours] Dadaocheng – Old vs. New Taipei

One of the oldest parts in Taipei:
Historical architecture next to modern buildings.


Dadaocheng is a sight by itself. At every corner you will find something different and surprising to see. I felt taking a journey to another city. The history of it underlines this effect even more.
Derelict and empty buildings next to modern and new bank branches.

It was surprising and weird entering this part of Taipei. Especially going into the old department store was a little bit scary. I really felt like a stranger and lost. But that made it interesting again; a spot to get more into the history and behind the curtain of tourism. 

From here you can easily visit the beautiful Dadaocheng wharf. Relax and take a deep  breath while watching Tamsui River and eating the snacks you bought on Dihua Street. But the most interesting thing about the wharf is that it was the first international port in Taiwan for commercial use. 

Walking down Dihua Street you can find a lot of small things to buy, especially mushrooms, vegetables dried food and snacks. The huge choice of different goods is amazing. While walking the street you can buy traditional medicine as well as sweets, fabrics and garments. The architecture style is also something special to see. It doesn’t fit with the imagination of the high touristic Taipei 101 and all the shopping malls.

After taking a rest you can visit Yongle market. This old department store also offers a lot of
and food. I recommend visiting the small marketplace around.

To finish the afternoon take a walk to Ningxia Night Market and enjoy the local food. Especially here you will mostly find locals and not many tourists.


How to get there:

Take the Red MRT until Shuanglian. From there you can reach everything by walk.

Difficulties and advice:

You will hardly find any English signs and without any language skills you will get lost very easily. Although you will find a way to visit the old department store and Dadaocheng wharf. If you can, prepare a sheet with some places you want to visit in Chinese.

The area is very old and not a very famous tourist spot. You may feel a bit alone and lost if you go there by yourself. Take a friend with you who can speak some Chinese or hire a tour guide from Topology.